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Fifteen Below Bar

What would it be like to dance and party 15 feet below the surface? At Fifteen Below Bar in Maldives, they have proven that sometimes, in order to find a treasure, you have to look deep underground. Themebuilders was a major player creating Maldive’s only underground...

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Zouk Club

Zouk is a world-renowned, award-winning superclub in Singapore. In 2005, Zouk enlistedThemebuilders to revamp the club in time for its 15th anniversary. Themebuilders provided the medium for Zouk’s vision, translating their contemporary surrealistic concept to absolute reality - reflecting the club’s market and music. Now, a...

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7atenine Bar

In the bustling metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, a unique dining experience can be found at the 7atenine Bar at the Ascott Hotel. The bar’s interior design mirrors, their tempting gatronomic menu of “liquids and solids” - so cool, chic and exclusive. Themebuilders built the centerpiece for...

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San Marco Village

A romantic Venetian atmosphere exclamates the 2,500 square meter San Marco Village in Belgium. This multi-purpose hall can accommodate up to 2,000 guests, making it a perfect venue for seminars, product launches, and other events. The main hall’s interior was designed, developed & fully manufactured by...

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Baroue Kid’s Kingdom

In the middle of Baroue, Kuwait's first children's one-stop-shop concept store, lies a giant sea serpent -- carefully designed to create a fun and safe environment. Using designs and materials that comply with safety, fire and building standards, Themebuilders set out to build this massive...

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There lies a forest of trees inside a family entertainment center in the Middle East. Themebuilders designed and built a jungle-themed environment for an indoor venue that includes 21 life sized trees that cladded the area’s large structural columns. Realistic animals and oversized insects, with flowers...

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Plopsa Land

Walking into a magical world fascinates the young & the young-at-heart alike. Themebuilders brought Maya and her friends to life in the Philippines and sent them on their way home to the magical world of Plopsa Land on the Belgian coast. This vast theme park...

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Corpus Experience

Have you ever wondered how it is like to be inside the human body? At Corpus, visitors can walk right into it, through a giant knee, and experience a unique journey through the human body-- to see, hear and feel how it works. Corpus turned to Themebuilders to...

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Continium Discovery Center

Continium, the first Discovery Center in the Netherlands, opened in June 2009. Visitors discover the wonders of science and technology through unique exhibits and interactive displays. Themebuilders was involved in the creation of some of its extraordinary display pieces, like a model of The Thinker made up of walnuts, a farm setup complete with a...

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