Themebuilders Philippines, Inc. (TPI) was born out of a large manufacturing-exporting company that faced an increasing demand for more comprehensive themed packages. This led a team of European founders to develop an independent company that focused on designing, developing, manufacturing and installing custom designs & theme projects. Themebuilders prides itself on being integral to the development of projects that range from large-scale theme parks, family entertainment centers, science centers, and museums to small, intricately detailed projects located all over the world.

We have a world-class team

Managed by a European team, with a combined 50 years of manufacturing and “theming” experience, TPI works with a collective pool of about 600 craftsmen (model makers, casters, painters, finishers, carpenters, welders, installers), licensed architects and engineers, designers and project managers in a 22,000 square meter factory located in Angeles City, Pampanga, the Philippines. TPI’s facility can accommodate the development of simultaneous projects, with enough space to build and mock-up full-size structures.

Inspiring Craftsmanship

Ingenuity, quality, and attention to detail—these are the marks of true craftsmanship. Themebuilders Philippines, Inc. (TPI) prides itself on designing, developing and manufacturing world-class theme projects, custom-made interior and exterior designs, sceneries, and structures, with a high regard for craftsmanship.

Effective Collaboration

Clients come to Themebuilders with an idea and leave with a 3-dimensional materialization of that idea. Themebuilders can handle everything from detail design to manufacturing and installation. The design and development team works closely with clients to conceptualize and bring the idea to life on paper and drawings. During production, clients receive updates on their projects via digital photos and videos so they can track the progress of their projects in the factory. Once the project is built, Themebuilders can send trained installers and finishers all around the world to set up the projects in a minimal amount of time.

New and Versatile Fire-resistant Material

Aside from handmade products, what makes Themebuilders unique is “Polyte” — a fire resistant material Themebuilders has developed. Polyte has the strength and versatility of polyester resin, but it doesn’t warp nor shrink like polyester resin.

We have experience working with

All kinds of polyester resins (gel coats, fiberglass, etc.) according to any standard

Wood, MDF, and plywood

UV-resistant polyurethane paints and topcoat

Fire-retardant and non-smoke emitting “ekoton” for interior facade works

Acrylic, polycarbonate, etc.

Polyte—Themebuilders’ own mix of production material that is strong, versatile, fire-resistant, non-warping, and non-shrinking.

Metals, including stainless steel (with powder coating)

Vacuum holding and blow-molding
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