Luna Park

Luna Park

This historic amusement park in Melbourne, Australia picked Themebuilders to design and create the facades for their merchandise shop and the inner wall of the park’s entrance to highlight its well loved attractions. The new facades, fabricated at the Themebuilders factory, reflect the history of a hundred years of bringing smiles to all who come to visit.

With the Themebuilders mark on quality and detail, the colorful new additions to Luna Park guarantee many years of fun and laughter.

Themebuilders also designed, built and installed Luna Park’s newest additions – an Egyptian theme for one of its signature rides and the decorations for the façade of it café and events center. The latter was designed by artist Mark Ogge and commissioned to be built at Themebuilders. Each of the seven statues stands at least 10 meters tall and are now considered a new landmark for the historic park.


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