Continium Discovery Center

Continium Discovery Center

Continium, the first Discovery Center in the Netherlands, opened in June 2009. Visitors discover the wonders of science and technology through unique exhibits and interactive displays. Themebuilders was involved in the creation of some of its extraordinary display pieces, like a model of The Thinker made up of walnuts, a farm setup complete with a bar-coded cow and square tomatoes, and a realtistic model of the human heart, which was rendered without a single drop of paint. The most recent addition to Continium’s impressive displays is an oversized model of the human brain.

Themebuilders’ pool of skilled artists crafted each piece with meticulous attention to detail. The hands-on exhibits combine the best qualities of a museum and a science center to stimulate its visitors with an awareness for creating a sustainable future.


July 28, 2016


Indoor Theming, Museums

The Netherlands