Särkänniemi teams up with Themebuilders for their Triple-Launch Roller Coaster Attraction

Finland’s leading theme park, Särkänniemi has opened the country’s highest launch coaster and the park’s fastest coaster – “Hype”. Themebuilders, in cooperation with the park’s team, developed a trendy and cool design for its 2017 key attraction, with names, shapes, and colors created in a retro-modern vibe. The development of a concept design, detailed & technical schematics and a comprehensive installation guide were all part of the process involved in the making of Särkänniemi’s latest attraction. Guests of the park will see high-quality fiberglass decorations, 3D photo-op sculptures and colorful finishes made for Scandinavian climatic conditions – all produced in Themebuilders’ modern workshop facilities.

“I want to thank you for very creative and efficient efforts. We’re looking forward to work with you again in our future projects.”
Mr. Ville Aarresuo
Development Director, Sarkanniemi Theme Park