Dutch Soccer Club ‘FC Twente’ Immortalizes their Heroes

Four years ago a group of avid supporters for the Dutch soccer team ‘FC Twente’ came up with the idea to honor their club heroes life size statues in appreciation for their dedication. Themebuilders Philippines Inc., had the honor of turning their plans into reality, and sculpted two of their most successful soccer players into beautiful and timeless statues.

Their all-time top scorer, Blaise N’kufo, was the first one to reveal his own statue back in 2010. This time around on the 20th of May, and after a months of excitement, Sander Boschker’s statue was finally revealed. After playing his farewell match, the deeply admired goalkeeper revealed his statue together with his family and friends.

In an interview, Boscker said that he had been very curious for a long time already, and that to finally see the statue made him very proud. He also adds: “A job well done, we really look alike”.